Responsibility to employees

Human resources are the foundation of and the driving force for corporate growth and development. We consider human resources development to be essential for our business development.

SumiRiko Poland Personal Strategy


Living up to the motto “SRKP is a good choice”, SumiRiko Poland Sp. z o.o. aims at recruiting, retaining and developing its staff. It is assured by taking actions guaranteeing stability of employment, occupational safety and health, and development of professional aspirations


To pursue its personal strategy, SumiRiko Poland Sp. z o.o. acts in accordance with applicable legislation, follows the letter of the Code of Sumitomo Riko Group Conduct and solutions adopted as described in the Human Resource Management SumiRiko Poland Sp. z o.o Procedure.

Criteria for actions taken by SumiRiko Poland Sp. z o. o. in respect of human resource management are in particular:

  1. Respecting employees’ personal rights, equal opportunities and anti-discrimination policies.
  2. Ensuring occupational health and safety.
  3. Mutual respect, trust and teamwork.
  4. Making open communication policy better.
  5. Creating the atmosphere at work in favor of challenge acceptance and continuous development.

Strategic objective

The SumiRiko Poland Sp. z o.o. chief aim in respect of human resource management is ensuring motivated and fully qualified staff guaranteeing further development and company success.

Priorities and guidelines for operation

  1. Enhancing employees’ knowledge and developing their skills by implementing training programs and providing opportunities to continuous professional development of employees in a given position.
  2. Creating actively the corporate image of the company perceived as an attractive employer through cooperation with technical secondary schools and universities.
  3. Engaging employees by implementing an open information policy.
  4. Involving the team in the actions with respect to KAIZEN and improving ergonomics at work.

Attitude toward Safety and Health

SumiRiko Poland emphasizes the promotion of health management and safety efforts. The objective here is to eliminate on-the-job accidents and create a comfortable, employee-friendly workplace so as to ensure safety and security for employees and the maintenance of good health. Our activities are highly evaluated by the Labor Inspector - SumiRiko Poland has been nominated twice for the best organizer of a safe workplace in the Małopolska region.

SumiRiko Poland has implemented and maintains the Integrated Environmental and Health and Safety System that meets the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, which was confirmed by obtaining a certificate 


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