Sound Controlling & Insulation Products

There are many sources of noise in an automobile, including engine.
Sumitomo Riko's sound controlling & insulation products shut out these noises and keep the inside of the cabin quiet.
Our original urethane is used for the engine cover due to its heat resistant and sound absorption and insulating properties, realizing a high degree of noise reduction even on the engine parts with high temperatures.
In addition, with the increasing demand for materials that can cut down on motor noise while also alleviating the damage caused by heat, Sumitomo Riko has successfully developed a sound reducing material that also conducts heat.


Engine covers

Installing a cover over the top of the engine reduces engine noise. We use materials with excellent heat-resistant and fire proofing properties to enable applications at extremely high temperatures. Optimized cover design also contributes to an improved engine compartment appearance.

Standing Wave Spacers

These products fill airspace to reduce noise generated in gaps between the engine body and its peripheral equipment. Our mold-casting technology enables fitting into spaces with complex shapes.

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