CSR Supply Chain Management

We recognise contributing to the sustainable development of society through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as a key management element through which we can achieve sustainable growth.

Supplier CSR Guidelines

Based on the understanding that fulfilling social responsibility is a vital condition for the sustainable growth of the company, we want to ensure that our procurement activities are conducted in a fair and transparent manner in all aspects of our transactions and throughout the supply chain. This is why we have established CSR Guidelines for Suppliers as a fundamental policy in our purchasing activities. 

Green Procurement Guidelines

We are aware that the commitment to solving environmental problems is a shared concern for all mankind, a concern that is also fundamental to the existence and operation of our company.

We strive to take action against climate change, to contribute to a circular economy and to prevent risks to human health and environmental pollution caused by hazardous chemicals. We conduct our business in compliance with the laws and regulations of the respective countries as well as with our customers' policies on environmental aspects in awarding contracts.

The Green Purchasing Guidelines has been developed to ensure the proper management of chemicals by suppliers. The document contains information on controlled substances and control standards so that suppliers can themselves ensure that the products they offer comply with our standards.

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